The metal band Perverse Osmosis weighs in on their RPG roots in an interview at Metal Underground. From the interview:

xFiruath: What's your favorite module of all time and why?

Jonas: I am going to cheat here and give A1-A4, the Slave Lord series, as my favorite. Yes, it is four modules but they easily can work into one. These modules are a great level, 4th to7th, where your characters are good enough to live but there is still a good chance that some of the characters are going to be killed. Plus A4 strips the characters of all their goodies, so they have to play smarter. If that answer is impermissible, I will shoot for Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pits. How often can characters seriously travel to the Abyss? Also, you can start a campaign with A1-A4, then go Against the Giants, then the Kuo-Toa and the Drow, and then end it by having all the PCs getting killed off by Lloth.

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