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You need to login to submit, or vote to remove, any articles.

Any registered user can submit an article, just like any registered user can vote for the removal of an article.

Simply put, a user has a rating score, it requires ten times their score of votes for an article of theirs to be revoked.

Sally is a new user, freshly registered. She inherits the default confidence score of 10. It will require ten votes from users such as herself for one of her articles to be revoked from the public eye, for a total revocation score of 100.

Every revoked article reduces a users confidence score by 1, so rather than 10 it will be 9, then 8, and so on. A rather viscous cycle if you are in the habit of making offensive posts.

Contributors (new users) start with a score of 10.
Reviewers have a score of 20.
Editors have a score of 30.
Moderators have a score of 50.  Normal users will not progress to this score.
Administrators have a score of 100.  Just like Highlander, there can be only one.

Every ten articles you submit that do not have any revocation points toward them will raise your confidence score by 1. There is a maximum of one promotion per week, automatically done on your next post.

Fradulent use of revocation reduces your confidence score by 2 for every incidence that has to be reversed.

You can edit or remove your own post until it gets 5 times your confidence score in revocation points, then it'll assume you're trying to avoid full revocation.

Once your confidence score reaches zero you cannot submit an article, ever again.

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